Hope For Solace…

This is a small poem of mine I wrote while my mind was desolated, when corners of it were filled with darkness and hope for light was least…

Why is it that this depression,

Strikes me cold all the time,

What is this traction,

I have with me all the time,

Pulling me into gloom and dark,

Touching my heart so brash and stark,

What is this truculent force,

That left me trundling into nullity,

What is this course,

Making me so farcical,

Intruding my mind,

Causing me this incessant remorse,

This depression of such abysmal kind,

Devouring my fortitude so ravenously,

Why does every morning remind,

Of my joyous past,

Saying it would no more last,

Oh Lord,

Do condone,

For any more censure, I cant afford,

Find the right recourse,

With your humble force,

For this lugubrious moan,

Censure me no more,

For my life is already lachrymose…

– Pratheek M Reddy


God?… You Joking?

 Neither the following ideas nor the text is plagiarized or copied from any other source… HAPPY READING!…

For about a week, my mind had been pondering over an idea. However trivial though, it is always interesting and fun to think about mysterious things like aliens, time travel (practically impossible), ancient myths, etc.

            Before I point out this idea of mine to you, it would be better and would make more sense if I expound the basis for it.

            Happenstance or occurrence of things or more particularly, probability of occurrence of is increased if the time frame is increased. For example, what is the probability that it will rain tomorrow? ‘Very very low that it is negligible” would be your answer. ‘Probably’ would be your answer if the time frame is increased to one month. Similarly, “definitely” would be your answer if it is increased to one year. The same rule applies to place also. Probability of there occurring a road accident in your country is way more than that in your state which in turn is more than that in your locality.

            A peculiar thing that should interest us is that these two (time and place) are infinite. They stretch to amounts that are inscrutable. At what place or on what date will the universe end? It never ends.

            Hence when these factors are absolutely infinite, anything that is possible can be said to have definitely happened. The fun begins when we think of things like existence of a planet that is congruous to Earth some where is some other galaxy. This idea applies to anything that you can think of that is materially possible.

           We can with all probability say that a person resembling you in all ways does exist for time and space are infinite. Not only these, there has with all certainity formed formed a solar system like ours. Some person somewhere in the indescribable extents of time and space is reading the Bible. Literally anything that you can and also that you cannot think of that is possible did happen in the past, is happening in the present and will happen in the future.

            Weird as it may sound, none the less there is no counter argument to this because much of it is common sense than the complex physics or any other such science.

                This idea should lead us to an even interesting thinking i.e. formation of anything that is in the universe like our earth or the solar system or the stars or even the galaxies. The idea would very much suffice for us to say that God is not the one behind formation of life on Earth or anything else.

                 The most ridiculous yet common argument by the theists (the ones who believe in existence of God) when an atheist says God doesn’t exist is by asking who created humans and all other living beings. Firstly, it has to be noted that life can be created or living beings can be created from oppertune alteration of elements that are non living (Science is now very much developed so as to create living beings by using biological i.e. living fodder through different techniques like stem cells, cloning, etc. But our point of discussion goes back in time when life did not exist and has come into existence through non living elements.)

                  Unfortunately, we do not yet have enough technology to study about these elements, to see if they exist or have perished. Hence, the only reasonable way to say how life formed is through alteration of these elements, fusion of these required elements being an example.

                   The question that theists pose is that who altered these elements so accurately so as to form life. A fitting answer to this would be ‘coincidence’ or luck. This point can be made more comprehensible by an example similar to the ones we have already discussed. You and your friend calling each other on phone at the same time is a coincidence. Probability of occurrence of this coincidence is very less if you observe for a month. Where as, it would be more in an year and even more in your life time (provided you don’t lose your friendship!).

Hence, as time period grows the probability of above mentioned coincidence to occur grows. In the same way, the formation of life happened through a process however intricate it might be. Because it is intricate, we tend to err by thinking it has to be carried out through human intervention. This intervening human is considered God. Before moving further lets step back and revise.

Because the universe is infinite in both time and space, many significant things have happened in the past. Like life on some other planet away from our galaxy has formed.If I’m countered that I cant be sure I would say I did not mention any date. It could have happened may be 10000000 years ago or 10000000000000 years ago or even 500000000000000000000000 ago. Because this time or in that case even place will continue boundlessly to infinity, it surely can be said that not only these things but also anything possible has happened and will happen in future also.

Now, I took you back to our previous discussion from formation of universe to show you that when you look at things like life on Earth, our galaxy, the sun, etc, which are very significant and magnificent from our human brain’s view point, look very much puny from universe’s point of view.

Let me start concluding by letting the point penetrate even more into your brain. You are born to your parents not because God wish so and threw you on to the ground from heavens. It is because of sheer luck that it is you and not someone else or we can call  ‘couldve been possible guy’ are born. (If you believe in the former that your existence is God’s mercy,  then neither what you have read till now nor that you are going to read will be of any help. You may quit reading this right away.)

In the same way, the creation of everything in this universe right from our planet Earth to the Milkyway galaxy is by accident. Our normal lives experience small accidents like slipping and falling, hitting your vehicle on the road for time and place are too confined for miracles. Big and miraculous things like formation of Earth and life on it were possible because the universe is infinite and hence there was plenty of time so as to let such magnificent things unfurl themselves (through sheer luck) and hence human intervention or anything artificial (God as we say) is not required. There is abundant of time to let infinite number of accidents to happen in the universe (one of which turned out to be life).

Living beings like human beings or for that case human beings themselves will be born on Mars and will be called Marsians maybe in a 10000 years hence or 2000000000 years and if Mars gets destroyed by a meteor collision, wait for a new solar system to form and for this there is no requirement of Gods intervention like in our case where no one had to select you to be born on Earth.

Glancing back at what we have discussed, we talked about happening of anything that is possible for universe has no bounds i.e. it is infinite and that the same can be applied to formation of our universe proving consequentially the non-existence of God though my main intention of writing this article is to aquaint you with the former idea than to prove the ridiculousness of concept of God.

Hence, I would conclude by wishing you good luck musing over this idea of mine. God speed (or it would rather be better if I said luckspeed!)