Hey… Congrats for completing another round around the sun. Happy Birthday Aishwarya!… Thought I’ll buy you something from the gift shop…. But then everything there seemed as ridiculous as the Archie’s cards they had… Hmmm… So this is it… the following words are what I got when I just let my thoughts and feeling loose to flow on the paper black and white… Like it or not, this is the best gift I can give… Way better than the pink notes in my wallet can give you… Go ahead and let my poem wish you too!!

Happy Birthday to my friend,
Whims of no end, I send,
So you glitter like you do forever.
All the sadness from your life you sever!

I do have experienced some life,
(However though not so rife)
‘ve had friends who make,
And also those who break!

But you are fantastically different,
A person with her friendship so reverent,
Traversing my mind every second.
Warmth in my heart you always fecund!

Rainbowy lights from a friend like you,
Seen I did, miserably few:
Ever so gentle, affable and fine.
Every moment for me a vesper’s nine!

Did take no more than time a nick,
For us to be each others sidekick.

You came into my life: blocked in dawn;
-Like morning sun’s shine so tender:
On a sprawling wet green lawn!

Brightening me up with those lustrous eyes,
With ends of your lips risen ever so nice.
Thankful to the divine maker,
For hooking on to my life,
Your innocent cherubic chirp!

To you again I say happy birthday,
So you keep spawning cheer this way.
On this auspicious day,
This poem is my say!!


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