Into Natures Abyss… Dream for a recluse!!


Resting in some beautiful wood,
so phlegmatic,
Making my life,
ever so more ecstatic!
Read on – of my dream,
I dreamt.
Though doesn’t it feel,
much pragmatic!

Between the lushful green trees,
all around,
With numerous birds’,
twittering sound,
Where the spirits in me,
would sublimely arouse!
Amidst all this nature,
I need my house.

On a cliff,
showered with green canopy,
As if conjuring,
natures bewitching panoply.
Air gushing into my lungs,
so pure and well!
This would be the lay,
where I’d wish to dwell.

Away from humans’pointless,
hustle and bustle,
And with no severe,
daily schedules to tousle,
Cut off from the,
devilish and materialistic urban seethe,
With all my responsibility being,
to eat and breath!

Sporadic trysts,
with rodents and reptiles,
Occational rendezvous,
with insects and birds!
My yearn is to live,
amidst this nature’s poetic verse.
On this path so pure and prestine,
I wish to tread & traverse.

To this sweet recluse,
I want to cede.
A refreshing novel life,
I wish to lead.
Escape into seclusion,
from this absurd urban life,
Is a sublime hope,
in my heart and mind so rife.

To this sweet recluse,
I am wistful to cede!



4 thoughts on “Into Natures Abyss… Dream for a recluse!!

  1. this is a fantastic poem – your words are so well chosen – and it flows smoothly – enjoyed it and had to read it a couple of times – cheers. 🙂

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