Book Review – THE HUNGRY TIDE by Amitav Ghosh


– Amitav Ghosh

Pages: 430


“Kanai spotted her the moment he stepped onto the crowded platform…”.
The book starts with introduction of the two protagonists Kanai and Piya. And since the introduction, the reader has to immerse himself in the minds of both with often shifting from one to other. This is a book of splendid artistic description of nature, people and circumstances capricious that would keep the reader involved for hours. Amitav Ghosh takes the reader through a roller coaster of intricately woven scenes interspersed with natures unpredictable wroughts.

The story is based in the sunderban islands of West Bengal where Kanai and Piya come together for different purposes though. And then, the story makes its path into lives of many a character that touch the story with leaving their own peculiar impressions on it. The story gains strength with every story Ghosh describes intermittently and every character’s life that he peeps into. Though the story is slow paced and keeps you waiting for something stark and strong to happen, you realise that you immensely enjoyed the read only when you are done reading.

This book of Amitav Ghosh, like his other books, aims not at a powerful climax or the adrenaline rush that the movies achieve but to make the read a joyful ride to the reader. If you are a reader who likes artistic works involving nature, people and their feelings and the way things are described rather than the story, then THE HUNGRY TIDE would sublimely acquiesce you and would leave a tinge of it to carry with you after you are done reading the book.


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