THE ULTIMATE GIFT by Jim Stovall – Book Review

The Ultimate Gift

By Jim Stovall


When I bought this book, I was shocked to find it’s size to be inversely proportional to the acclaim it possessed. To be frank, I’ve never even heard about Jim Stovall. And hence, the book came to be a surprise to me. Nonetheless, I am sure I will never be able to praise the book enough for any amount of it seems ever too low.

Many spiritual books have been written to influence readers and illuminate a path to tread a gleeful life like ‘A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma, ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, etc. but neither has done even a jot of what ‘The Ultimate Gift’ did nor did they get even nearer to where it got. This book is one of its kind and is a must read for anyone. This is a book, I’m sure will accompany me in all my future endeavors as a supporting spiritual hand comforting my shoulder.

The story is narrated by an 80 aged lawyer named Hamilton who’s closest friend Red Stevens of same age dies, bequeathing his property to his family excepting his nephew James Stevens. And to James, he gives a peculiar gift that is far more valuable than all his property put together. That gift is a collection of CDs of Red Stevens addressing James teaching him the lessons of life that Red had learnt which made him achieve what he desired. These CDs have 12 lessons of life that James is intended to learn in a period of one year. These lessons range from work to love and money to friendship. They covers all aspects of life and mesmerize the reader by making his life simpler, zestful and zealous. I say this because it really transformed me and also those who read it on my suggestion and courteous enough to get back to me on it!

Unlike other books, where the lessons are pedantic and verbose and are told by a monk or a boy on pilgrimage to Egypt (yes, I am referring to The Alchemist), this story’s lessons are given by a rich, successful businessman Red Stevens (who wouldn’t want to be rich and successful?). More to it, the narration is very terse and the story, fast paced that would keep the reader interested throughout spellbound. Finally, ‘The Ultimate Gift’ is a key to anyone’s success, a path provider to live a full life and is a beautiful book to read. I bow in respect to this book and its author Jim Stovall.


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