THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI by Robin Sharma – Book Rewiew


Robin Sharma



The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is yet another spiritual book I’ve read after The Ultimate Gift and am sharing with you the pros and cons of it. Firstly, I am not able to resist myself from revealing this book had disappointed me.  With its magnificent sales and the talk among the people, I expected a lot more from it. And maybe this books’ greatness is shadowed by the colossal magnanimity of The Ultimate Gift, I’ve read before it. It surely did give me a few very good spiritual tidbits and exercises but on the whole, it is a dejected work when looked at from literary point of view where the story, the spiritual knowledge and the thesis and essence are not synchronous with each other and we can clearly see that the author is not clear as to the order, the story had to be phrased.

The book begins with a lawyer named John introducing to us another lawyer Julian Mantel who is fully consumed by the success and glory legal practice provides and eventually turns his life into a cheerless workaholic dread, so much so that even sleeping for two hours a day made him feel guilty. And all these ceaseless worries and work conjure up to a heart attack he has once while in court. Julian then sells all his riches and goes to India in quest for solace. Incredibly, on the hills of Himalayas, he finds the Sivana sages whom people never found in ages and they provide him their ancient knowledge. He then comes back spiritually rejuvenated and healthy and goes on to pass the knowledge to John as promised to a sage when in India while John explains all this to the reader.

The anecdotes and examples Robin Sharma gives are pretty inspirational but seem foreign to the story and more to it, all along, he takes the readers to tautology about wasting life working and then suddenly gives inspiration to work hard. And his story telling is very naive. Half cooked dialogues and unreasonable perceptions are most flagrant. On the whole, though it didn’t satisfy me at all, I feel it would do good to all those who don’t care about the language and the way it is written and only the spiritual exercises and the knowledge (very unclear though). A very hard read for me.


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