Page After Page I Turn


I sit with an open book,
Ensconced in my hands!
Into the leaves I look,
Savoring the lexical flow!

My head sways left and right,
With my eyes into the pages!
I go all night,
Devouring the words of ages!

I live a thousand lives!
Some intrigue, some bore.
Some gross as knives,
Some heavenly as flowers!

Page after page I turn,
Deeper into the linguistic fern!
Just a piece of wood but omniscient,
To many a mysterious world, im sent!


6 thoughts on “Page After Page I Turn

      1. I’m a diverse reader, all over the place in my tastes. I’m currently reading a collection of stories by author Philip K. Dick, a science fiction writer. Prior to that I read JK Rowling’s book, ‘The Casual Vacancy.’ Next up is a story about World War II, ‘Unbroken.’ So, as you see, I’m a varied reader. My favorite book of all I’ve read is probably John Steinbeck’s ‘East of Eden.’

      2. Thats really nice… And i am reading The art of clear thinking by rold dobelli, next, im gonna read the auto bio of bejamin franklin and then the ultimate gift by jim stovall for the third time…

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