Sense of Tranquility


Lilting notes of piano were soothing his mind and it was all silent except for the musical notes from his phone. Light from top of his study table lit the book before him comfortable to his eyes. Everything was at rest. No sounds or people or most importantly, their noises. The music from his phone conjured many an aesthetic image in his mind. It all seemed quite surreal to him – his room lit dimly by the study lamp, his books on his bed and the corners of his room, not reached by the light, all seemed dreamy. He felt he was placed in a different surrounding, one that distanced him from all that he didn’t want around – placed amidst true tranquility. No one to disturb him and his calm surroundings that seemed if not to be stopping the time, at least were slowing it down. Sitting beside his unmade bed – with every rumple and ruffle of it undisturbed, as if ossified into the immobile moment, he was having his time. All the ever present background commotion obscured by the moored moment, it was only the music from his phone that his mind lingered upon, while note after note touched his heart…


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