An Unholy Disturbance…

The night was calm like water in a lake lonely. But soon, ruffles formed. The water moved. Rippled formed. Drops of water started shooting up into the air gesticulating the ruffle underneath the water. Those waters were received by the Satan. Something extraordinary was in line. A short time was the only thing that was between the evil and the then present. The vagaries were churning themselves in the waters. It exploded. Like something that had been gathering strength since years, it came bursting out of the troubled waters. Into the air rose the mountain king turning the nature, the trees of the darkness, the plants, the water under him, the sand, the whole goddamn earth was in his hands while a crescendo of music rose into the air. The Satan laughed startlingly roaring into the air to the deafeningly gory music that didn’t stop yet to increase its volume. The evil waded through the water. The waters that turned unholy just seconds ago before us tried to catch hold of the devilish creature that was spawned. The music grew louder – unbearably louder while the evil ghost made his way on the land gasping the air of the night that was no more cold due to the devilish music. The land and every thing and being on it too is in his wrathful clutches.

He roared facing up to the sky over the sound of the music declaring his power over everything. Thus pursued, the unholy disturbance.


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