Virginia’s mind was bursting. After successfully arguing with Miss Gisela about her not going to the wedding ceremony, she found some time alone. Its kind of queer how humans normally wish to spend their last time on earth, alone. But to her dismay, there was not an inkling of loneliness at the time. She felt as if ghosts haunted her; ghosts before which she felt powerless – helpless. She got up from her study desk in frustration and floundered herself into her bed. She got into her rug and looked out of window hoping in madness. She sat there floundering. The window didn’t help.


Kristopher read a poem about how love is the most essential thing that has to exist between people and things. The poem he wrote said about if life is a human body, then love is the blood, if life is a plain baked cake while love is the sweet cream that you add and other many analogies. All the people roared with bright smiles on their faces oblivious to what was happening on the other side of the coin. Maybe their smile wouldn’t have evanesced even if they knew. It was now Renea’s poem. She blushed before starting. Tiara must be the only one in the crowd that must’ve understood it was false.

When a woman loves a man, they have gone

To swim naked in the stream

On a glorious July day

With the sound of the waterfall like a chuckle

Of water rushing over smooth rocks,

And there is nothing alien in the universe.”


Tiara’s eyes grew large. Her body jerked.

Ripe apples fall about them.

What else can they do but eat?


When he says, “Ours is a transitional era,”

“That’s very original of you,” she replies,

Dry as the martini he is sipping.”

For a second, she thought she was going to faint. She pushed herself back to senses. The crowd’s cheer grew even louder for the poem was about Kristopher. But Tiara stood perplexed there amidst all the mayors’ guests. Something pulled her back. Two slow steps backward. It was her legs. She turned around and ran leaving Miss Gisela Smith puzzled in the zest.


Viry sat calm on her bed; trying to control herself. At this time, she shouldn’t find any reason to do that, but, that is the point. She sat there by the window, her eyes locked to the snow outside that was falling as if slowed down. Time seemed to be slowed down. As if she was blocked in the second and each moment is struggling into the next and not flowing like they always did. She was motionless for some time and then, took the needle that was on the window and held it in her fingers.


Tiara ran to Kristopher’s office. She stood there at the reception gasping for breath.

“No prince inside to barge in today.” The receptionist said.

“I’m coming from the prince’s… prince’s…” she stuttered for breath.


“Marriage,” Tiara said, nodding in affirmative.

“Strange.” The receptionist mocked.

“None of your business.”

“You’re right. None of my business.”

“I’m going to ask you just one question.”

“And my answer would be, ‘none of your business’”

“Shut up that abhorable sewer,” to this, the receptionist’s face changed angry, “Where are the letters…”, Tiara still gasped, “where are the letters from Virginia going?”

The pen fell from the receptionist’s hand onto the ground breaking with a ‘click’.


Virginia moved her eyes form the needle to the corner of the cotton mattress she was on. She brought the needle trembling to the corner and started to pull the strings of threads out from it. In a minute, the mattress was open and a few plumps of cotton found their way out. A teardrop fell on the opened mattress from her tired eyes, held by a clam and still expressionless face. Another tear. A few tears and then they flowed down her cheeks.


The wed had been locked. They married. Flower petals were shot up into the air, people cheered deafeningly and all started getting sloshed; glass after another of wine. The air was interspersed with flower petals. Beautiful, tender petals of Roses, Tulips and Stephanotis were flying all around and people on the ground celebrated with lot of gusto. Bottles of champagne were tossed open. Kristopher and Renea remained blushing while all the youth gathered around them and tried pulling them into dancing to the lilting heavenly wedding tunes played by the best musicians of the village. There was no cap to the mirth here while the same was absent to the sorrow on the other side; of the coin.


In tears, Virginia pushed her hand into the opened, wet corner of the mattress and pulled out a bottle… of poison…


Anger rushed augmenting through Tiara’s blood knowing Renea’s thievery of Virginia’s poems; she stole all of them: through the receptionist. First thought was to go to the wedding and inform the guests of this treachery. But something told her going to the wedding and making a scene was an absolutely bad idea. But she had to rush and she knew where to, since even before she went to the wedding. She got herself into a horse carriage and harassed the driver to get to Viry’s fast. An hour and a half ride through the spacious roads of the village biting her nails in distress and she arrived. Something felt funny at the house.


Tiara slowly pushed the door creak open, breaking the eerie silence. There was absolutely no hint of activity or sound inside. The house was in a mess. Papers were all over the floor and so were Viry’s clothes. A current of fear ran through her spine. She made her way through the mess into the kitchen and ignored all the utensils fallen slovenly on the granite floor. It all looked so unlike Viry, as if the house was burgled. Her foot kicked a raspberry tin on the floor making a small *tang* that seemed like the loudest sound ever, shaking the already trembling body of Tiara. She waded through all the uncouth to Viry’s room. On the bed was Viry as if fallen and frozen in the position with a fist-sized bottle, empty, fallen by her side.

Tiara ran to the bed and fell on the corpse wailing out her lungs to the dreadful thing that happened. She moved her head vigorously as if cursing the Providence, held the corpse tight to her breast and cried… like no one ever, for anyone, could.




It was evening and the last few rays of sunlight lit the Poppy sea beach. They scorched crimson in brilliance originating from scarcity. The sea made calmer waves. She looked at a family of four, afar, enjoying on the beach. The children were running back and froth in the water and onto the sand giggling those childish little giggles. Those happy giggles… must be bliss to the mother – thought Tiara sitting on the warm, wet beach sand. The sun was descending evenly into the unknown horizons depriving her of the already scant light rays. Her life with Virginia seemed like the day; as if setting into void. As if all those happy moments she enjoyed with Virginia Clarke, all those chirpy laughs and happy friendly talks and shared sadness were fading into the night. Descending down. Half of the orange ball settled down pulling the other. But the sun doesn’t set for good – ever, thought Tiara Adams. None can stop it from rising again. Yes. The sun will show itself again; with brilliance it had never before shown. A new day will be born, like always. Virginia will live… forever… She will be happy…. Where ever she is….

Tiara got up from the beach, dusted her back off the wet sand. She walked back smiling. The crab didn’t stop making its way out of the hole recurrently while the sun had set. And the stars had shined.








* Poem “Somewhere Or The Other” by Christina Rossetti

* Poem “ When A Woman Loves A Man” David Lehman


















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