OF MICE AND MEN by John Steinbeck – Book Review


Of Mice And Men. An apt title for a novel apt to be called the best ever written. It is about two drifters who travel to different places for employment and work and move out for a different place when work in one place is done. Two such drifters, George and Lennie always travel together. Lennie is mentally unsound and keeps getting into trouble and George, incessantly keeps standing by his side and rescuing his friend who never does anything with meanness but just childish innocence stemming from mental instability.

The novella of just a little more than hundred pages paints the characters live to the reader and the same it does to the friendship, companionship and to an extent, apprenticeship sort of relationship that exists between the both. Lennie gets into trouble in a work place and that leads to both of them fleeing to a different place for work and successfully get employed in a barn field. Lennie again falls into a trap there and then starts trouble. The reader is then stupefied with what happens. All the beautifully constructed emotions and feelings between them collapses into void: void of greater meaning.

It is a must read for all those who love American literature. John Steinbeck, Nobel prize winning author, like in all his other books, does some real magic with his words in this one. A true genius.


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