My Life By The Beach… I Too Lived Once…

This is and a small write up I wrote at 3 in the morning when all the thoughts of Vizag, a city in Andhra Pradesh, India where I once stayed for my law studies, took me over in its nostalgic web. I wrote this for ‘My Life… Your Life…’ that you can find in the side menu and couldn’t refrain from publishing it here though it is not written very formally…


I can’t stop but recollect all those feeling about Vizag. All those days when I used to just exist. I do not know what exactly implanted those days so firmly, so sweetly in my brain but I just can’t stop getting nostalgic about the immobile air there. I was free, though I had a million worries in my head. I used to wander around like a bird with minimum restrictions. I cannot think of that which rested in Vizag that allowed me to its closest making itself an inseparable part of me. I am completely taken into its trap of love, of compassion. My brain gets all wet when I think of those empty days and streets, when I used to walk in those crisscross streets near my house. I used to go to various friends houses, movies and parties. Most of all, the university and the crowd. For the first time in my life, something, without even my knowledge, touched my heart in such a sweet way and has written some indelible poetry on it. I do not explain but feel, the whole stay of mine at Vizag as a shell of peculiar air that doesn’t explain things but touches you, sways by you, and then, becomes you – whoever you are. It was magic. Better than anything, Lootera movie. If at all I were to call it something, I would call it a miracle in my life. Lootera is something I adore so much that I just can’t call it a movie. It is magic – a miracle in the form of art. Lootera, its tunes, scenes, characters and importantly, the times of it, played through the hungry pipes of my mind and have never stopped since. Naveen: my closest friend. DSNLU: my temple. The way I used to sit at the back in the class with Priya Kanurpati with thoughts about CLAT and goals that seemed distant. I used to go to the beach roam around with friends not even understanding what the beach, the road, the foot path that I walked on, the Karsura submarine, the people sitting by, enjoying the cool breeze and all, have been doing to me. Friends like Saumik, Ravi, Fazil, Priya and Nischit whom we used to friendly call, definite, were the best friends of mine and were those who have filled my mind with their friendship. All I can say after I have left Vizag and those times for good, is that they have given me, to keep with myself and cherish for my life, are memories. Memories not of playful things and adventurous deeds, but of the still air, the feeling, the touch and life. If at all anything, I cannot say more than this of the time I had there and what it has done in its miraculous ways. I just help but get up from my bed at this unusual time and write this. Vizag and Lootera have made themselves parts of me; parts of me inseparable, warming me and assuring me in their own unique ways that I have lived. I had my fill of life over there in that time. And that time couldn’t move forward, struck there. That time calls me every now and then. And I just let my mind slip into those memories…


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