Into Delhi We Went…


The First rays of the day lit the room faintly while my phone started to alarm. I gaped with my eyes closed, for the phone. Switched the alarm off and got off the bed, called to wake up the birthday goose Karl Braganza and then in a jiffy, I was out of my room all ready for an extraordinary day ahead. I knew that there were only about nine days left to semester exams and I had to submit a legal methods assignment the next day. I thought I would leave these asides my brain for the one-day just to feel free of academic weight.

I went to Karl’s room, and standing in the balcony, made a few calls to my Mom, Dad and grandma, all of whom were quite disturbed by me not calling since a week ago. Karl, Jami, his room mate, a silently awesome guy, Dhruv Patwari, the funniest kiddo ever, Abhay, who has no control over his reactions to peoples’ jokes and comments, Uday, whose last name I do not know of and me, the self proclaimed rock star, went to the dining hall where we met with Swetha, a very good friend of mine and Joysheel who had become one as the day matured. We all had a boring breakfast and walked to the main gate where we got into an Innova, from where, we drove off – into unknown roads, small yet important pleasures and hell a lot of good memories – we were on our way to Delhi.

We got down in Jahangir Puri and took a metro to Saket. The metro ride was not a jot like I expected. It was clean, spick and span and the people were disciplined in their conduct. As soon as I got into the metro, the first word that struck my mind was ‘posh’. Dhruv was cracking jokes non-stop while Abhay couldn’t resist from pointing his finger to every passenger he was talking about. We got down at Saket and went to PVR cinemas and quickly sat in the theatre already missing half an hour of Intestellar movie. The movie was so awesome that I couldn’t rise from my seat after the movie was over and Dhruv, who sat beside me, started praising the movie so much and didn’t stop that the whole day.

From there, we roamed into and around different malls amidst crowds that seemed dejected and lost yet active and agile, and finally found our eyes on crispy cream donuts that were very pleasing to the eyes. With not a word from any of our mouths, that were to be pleased too, we went ahead and feasted upon some of the best donuts I’ve ever had. I was then quite taken aback on knowing peoples’ stomachs weren’t filled yet. So, we headed to TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) and ordered pizzas. We had some of the best time and pizzas there. We talked a lot and also discussed about how each person in the group has met the others each for the first time. After our lunch, we had a few very good moments together captured in our cameras and went out of the mall where, Swetha and Karl have bought a gas balloon the resembled a zebra with much childish excitement.

We headed then, to metro station where sadly the zebra that hovered over our heads for over an hour has breached Swetha’s hold and went up flying only to be stuck to the ceiling of the metro station. We boarded the metro train anyways and after a good one hour more or less of travel, and a long walk on footpaths by roads with traffic and people that seemed a bit different and unusual in a way, we arrived at Palika Bazaar where we bought many a miscellaneous thing especially me with an air-gun, a badge with a smiley on it, a cap that would cover my ears (which I sure am not going to use in the coming few years before I lose all memory of it) and other such puny things in my bag.

Then, we walked for a very long time by the shops, cafés, bars and pubs of Connaught Place amidst people who looked quite amusing. Something in their conduct insinuated ingenuity, specifically in their frantic and frenzy. All people were rushing hither and thither, though I’m sure, without the need. A very fat lady walking, carrying all her bodily luggage, with a half emptied packet of groundnuts in her hands, without any concern or inhibition of people like me who would smirk surreptitiously, a motivating old man with a stick in his hand which seemed to be the only thing that helped him walk, moving forward in the best of his speeds with tenor that seemed to rout all fear from old age and others many such, of the most general of common public have allured, fascinated and interested me.

Finally, after a leg paining walk, we settled ourselves in a café for some snacks for about more than half an hour. We ate and had much fun with each other over the lamest of our jokes and funniest of our laughs with not a worry about time, which by then had reached its scant. Having paid the shockingly huge bill, we got ourselves out of there and walked to the metro station again to head back to Jahangir Puri from where we would take a cab back to the university – to call it day – a day spent with throbbing pitch at an exhilarating pace defeating the daily monotony of time giving it, the littlest of our concern and worry.

We reached the campus at 9:30 in the evening (you might as well call it night) and the food that we ordered from a nearby dhaba called Mughals over phone on our way back from Jahangir Puri had arrived diligently. We seated ourselves in the dining hall and had the tasty food and crazily, headed to Amul to have ice cream as if the chill of the night hasn’t satiated us. Relieved and tired, all have separated to their rooms to acquiesce with all that the day did offer, while I went to Pranav’s room to have some good chat and then to Karl Braganza’s room to wish him and Jami good night.

This way passed one of the best days I, and maybe others too, have had in the recent. I patted myself to have taken time to have fun on that day with people who became the best of my buddies since, and then I closed my eyes to sleep perpetuated deep by bodily tiredness while my brain spurned one insane dream after another about me having supernatural powers of flight and stealing half written manuscripts from Dan Brown… God, what a day it was!


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