Motivationally Shri Shri Koteswara Rao – Translated by Pratheek M Reddy

Authors Note:

Shri Shri Koteswara Rao is a prominent speaker in Telugu with fans from almost all parts of Telugu speaking land. His speeches were famed to be very powerful and transformational in nature. Since the time he started delivering speeches, he was known to have changed and helped people better their lives spiritually, motivating them to work harder and achieve their goals. He, unlike other motivational speakers, used primarily the anecdotes and excerpts from Ramayana and other Indian epics to incite a feeling of solicit and concern in listeners. A deeply religious, and morally rigorous man, Koteswara Rao is one those few people who have the power and mental pith to draw people towards their words to transform and augment their souls. The following essay is an effort to broach up and convey his words to Anglophones who haven’t been introduced to the words of this great man.


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Koteswara Rao : –

The thing that thwarts success from most is their laziness. Because of this four-letter word, all students do not become successful in their endeavors. A teacher lectures all the students equally and not differentially or discriminatorily but all do not become great in their lives – all do not turn out to be an inspiration to their progeny.

The reason is, only those who listen with great concentration only will be the one. Milking a cow is not the issue normally. How attentively you milk the cow, without indulging in talks with other people in the process, with immense concentration so as to not let the milk spill out of the tumbler or the bucket is what makes the difference. Only he who does it in this way will be considered good at milking a cow and not anyone else. Likewise, those students who while a teacher lectures, allow only the words and thoughts of that teacher into their buckets called ears and nothing else will be considered great students.

Time is the most valuable asset human beings can ever have. A student, for an example, plans to study something a day but at the same time, there is some distraction on the TV like a movie of his favorite star or a cricket match with his favorite team. He then changes the plan to watching TV and then, studying later. This happens with many a student everyday and they end up studying nothing for months until exams arrive and when they arrive, they are in huge panic. The time lost is lost forever and for the same reason, time is compared to the great Yamuna River, which never ever travels backwards.

This student’s classmate, who had been once upon a time, sitting beside him studying, stops at a red light on the road in his seventy lakh rupees car with a good wife sitting beside him and just beside this flamboyant car, stops out student on a bicycle. When both have studied at the same place with equally good parents, why did one buy a car that costs seventy lakhs and the other nothing but a cycle? The only reason is because he had not put the required concentration at the appropriate time in his life.

In any student’s life, post tenth class is the most essential time. It is unimaginably crucial for his success in life when, even a second of time wasted is a great and incorrigible mistake, which would cost him beyond his ken. Had he, the same student, put enough concentration is those five years of his life, like the other student has done, he could’ve live a happy life in great comfort. But, he had wasted that essential time by getting attracted to what is not permanent and temporary attractions and satisfactions due to which, he would be spending the rest of his life in remorse for his mistake and regretting that while his friend could become someone great, he lagged behind in the puny and paltry.

There are some mistakes in life which can be corrected, and some not. A mistake of wasting time is the goriest of all mistakes and cannot be corrected by means whatever. For this reason, rishis give utmost importance and reverence to time by planning each day of their lives perfectly so as to not give any leeway for wastage. This also brings me to another issue. The time of night is not correct for doing intelligent things. It is the time of night that gives way to thoughts of depression, reminding us of our problems and other undesired thoughts. A student has to get up early in the morning and study. One must sleep when all do and the same must be intelligent at the time when all are or ought to be.

A student is not forced to visit the temple everyday, nor is he forced to indulge in great pujas and other religious rites. When he has his parents, who are his God and Goddess, and the divinest of all, he has not reason to visit temples everyday. A person in his student life has to study and only study, which would later in his life give him all the strength and beauty to lead a comfortable and respectable life. Such a student will be lauded in future as a very systematic and great man. There may be many problems and worries in the future when you grow up which would hinder you from studying. But a student’s life is where there are no worries and there is a loving mother and a father who would buy him books with great love. No parent will ever say to his or her child to watch TV, when that child wants to study.

Another great concern of mine regarding today’s students is their usage of cellphone. A father in a family holds a phone for reasons necessary. He is the caretaker of the home and should require a phone, but why does a student whose work should only be studying, require a phone? A phone can corrupt a young mind as much as it can and when this abhorable object is handed to a young student who does not have the required maturity to use it properly, why would he not get deviated from what is right and venture into that which is wrong?

Lal Bahadur Shastri, India’s second Prime Minister, had to cross a river in order to reach his school. A day, when he did not have the money to pay the boat man his fee, and the boat man had asked him to get into the boat and that it would not be a problem, Lal Bahadur Shastri questioned him as to why he should enter without paying what he had to and swam across the river with his books satcheled in his shirt. This great man has spawned wonders in his life, which have prided not just his parents but also the nation.

Today’s parents are working really hard to their utmost abilities so that their children will not have any problems that will deviate them from studies. The problems that existed in the past exist no more. So when parents are working really hard and the teachers are always forthcoming to help the student study happily, he should have concentration on other thing than studying.

The students of the present day need to understand and feel the tremendous amount of efforts great achievers in their lives have put in to be established in their respective professions. A P J Abdul Kalam, for example, had to collect stacks of news papers thrown out of a speeding train for there was no stop at his place and distribute them travelling on a bicycle to each house and then in the evening again, he has to visit each house to collect the bill. But, in between, he used to sit among people with great dreams in life and comprehended book after book with lot of concentration and reverence. This man has later become one of the greatest scientists our country has ever seen. We need to emulate the life stories of such great people and try to walk on their footsteps.

Another major reason for misuse of time by people is because of a vicious characteristic of people called laziness. Whenever you think or plan of doing something, you have to do it and that’s the end of that matter. If we see the work that great people have done, they awe us; we need to recognize the amount of effort that has gone in. And here we are, thinking it is okay to study three days before the exam and planning how to wail the time away.

Another reason why man is normally spoilt is because of unnecessary talk – gossip or prate. Only that person talks the unnecessary and nonsense who does not have goals in life, who does not want to get into a profession, who does not read books. Worse, it is not just him that is spoilt but the person who listens too, hence, augmenting the damage. You must talk only when you feel it is productive or necessary. It is insane and absurd a mistake to be wasting time talking unproductively which, successful people never do.

Further, Gandhiji has said – if you want to achieve anything in life, the most primary requisite is bravery. He said – We need to take pride in what we do and should not falter to anything if we believe we are doing that which we rightly should be doing. Durga Bhai Deshmukh heard this speech and was completely transformed and went on to become one of the greatest personalities of India who has penned down a book in Telugu called Maatlade Raallu or Talking Stones. In the book, she gives me goose bumps when she writes – a great man who works hard and gives utmost respect to time can earn crores and crores of rupees while any crores and crores of rupees will not make a man like that.

A P J Abdul Kalam says – whatever you want to become, a writer, a singer, a lawyer, a doctor, is your decision. But you have to be at the zenith of your profession and should be talked about even after death. For things such as this to happen, one must understand, again I reiterate, the importance of time. Those, who, in their student days study and only study only will stand tall in future and will be lauded as great. Only those who use this time to its utmost will be successful in their life in future in all spheres.

Many a great man has left behind many things in their lives but time. Arabindo, the great spiritual leader, was once imprisoned in a gaol in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, during independence struggle in harshest of the conditions where the body wouldn’t fit to lye flat on the ground for the prison was so small. Even drinking water was a great hardship. Other prisoners couldn’t bear the silence and used to shout their lungs out and die after which their bodies were thrown into a river. But this man was not impatient. He spent all his days reading Bhagawatgita and other Indian classics and rose up to become one of the greatest personalities mankind has ever seen. Even Nehru, when was imprisoned for the same reason, spent all his days authoring books that achieved the status of classics today and do not fail to inspire and rejuvenate even today’s youth to social issues.

As Gandhi says, when we are pursuing something that is worth pursuing, we should fear nothing and absolutely nothing that would come on the way. Those who work hard in their lives and value time more than anything will shine bright and will be role models and motivation to millions others. This way, you should get inspired by great people and emulate them, trying to walk on the paths that they have taken with immense effort and hard hard word.



            “When you reach an obstacle, turn it into and opportunity. You have the choice. You can overcome and be a winner, or you can allow it to overcome you and be a loser. The choice is yours and yours alone.”

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                                                                               – Pratheek M Reddy