Look Where The Little Girl Goes

Till yesterday, nothing mattered to me. I breathed and walked past everything. Rarely did I ever find importance in things or ideas. I was just swaying in the air unconcerned – about anything. But then things started to become interesting in my life. The tops of the mountains that I little noticed in the years I have been in the place started to seem beautiful. The evening sunlight illuminating their curves gold. My walk from school to home has never been this interesting. I feel like walking and walking and do nothing else. I just want to admire everything I could – to take all the beauty in… at once. The ever moist weeds beside the road full of ruts of travellers, the everyday afternoon rain and the clouds; yes, the clouds – those divine curves with gloom on one side and silver linings on the other. No, I’m not going insane, Sana too asked me the same when I told this to her today at school. It’s just that I started loving my life. It has been a month since my mom shifted with my little sister and me to this place. I had been depressed all along about the region with few people or friends to play with. But everything’s all right now. I know I might not have many people here to jump around with. But I just want to live my life away looking at the mountains and thinking about possibilities. But before I leave to the solitary roads all around; to walk my time away, please tell me – ISN’T IT PRETTY TO THINK SO?


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