Tar Smoothens

These days, I am seldom left jobless at home. Some or the other work gets me started every day. I have been learning to drive not since very long. Today, I had to go to the ophthalmologist and the dentist for routine check-ups (by the way, I am no 80 years old… just 19) and could hardly give up the chance to drive. I started wheeling through the mild traffic while the driver sat beside guiding me. Feet and hands at work, it was ethereal moving on the road into the orange crimson light of the dim dying sun. With slight jerks as if the car had pangs and short stretches of smooth movement, I drove towards my nearby destination. When all on the road were happily descending to their homes tired from work, I had energy running through every vein and nerve of my body! At that moment, life felt calm, free from the troubling baggage it comes with and passions were lulled to sleep, while the car levitated through the scattered vehicles around, in motion consonant with mine!


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